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Keep a hen warm
Keep a hen warm

Keep a hen warm

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We think all creatures deserve a safe, warm place to sleep, and this gift card will help us provide that.

Straw is really important to the wellbeing of our hens, as it not only makes up their warm, cosy bed but also provides a great enrichment space where they can scratch and forage for food.

Many of our rescued hens have had very little comfort in their life. Most of them have spent their lives in cramped, bare cages, laying eggs for people to eat. When new hens come to us, they’re often underweight, exhausted, and missing many of their feathers. These girls need plenty of straw to keep them warm in their coops and make the cosiest little nests.

We want to rescue as many hens as possible, but we need your help! This gift gets us ever closer to completing our new Home for Rescued Hens, which will be home to hundreds of lucky hens over the coming years. 

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