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Based near Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Goodheart’s Home for Rescued Hens will provide a safe and enriching environment for over 160 hens who desperately need our help. Over the years to come, it will help hundreds more.
Rescued from the egg industry, many of these hens have never had the space or freedom to carry out even their most basic natural behaviours. At the Home for Rescued Hens, our girls will have plenty of space to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. At night, each hen will have a safe cosy coop to retire to and a secure outdoor area to stretch their legs.
As part of our fundraising appeal to help hens in need, we're offering a range of adorable gift cards. Each gift will help us build our new Home for Rescued Hens while letting a loved one know you're thinking of them. 
From helping to feed hens to planting a bush in their new home, we have an option to suit everyone.
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