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Biscuit the Goose Adoption Box
Biscuit the Goose Adoption Box
Biscuit the Goose Adoption Box

Biscuit the Goose Adoption Box

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Our residents are all individuals with their own personality and story - and now you can be part of that! By adopting a rescued farm animal, you will help us to care for both them and their friends here at Goodheart.

What's more, you'll also receive a fabulous adoption box containing all these goodies!

  • a personalised adoption certificate from our founders David & DJ
  • a framed photograph of your chosen animal
  • a beautiful welsh slate coaster engraved with the footprint of your new friend
  • a recipe card featuring a delicious plant-based dish to create at home
  • a Goodheart fridge magnet, pen, and sheet of stickers
  • PLUS regular email updates from your new friend!

Our adoption boxes make fantastic gifts for friends and family of all ages, and are also a great way to treat yourself while doing something worthwhile.

Adoptions last for 12 months, and so email updates will stop after this time unless you adopt again.

Please note, aspects of the box may differ slightly from the shown image, for example, the style of pen or photo in the frame but all items listed will be included. We use real straw in our adoption boxes. If you prefer we didn’t in yours, then please get in touch by emailing


Biscuit's rescue story: 


I’m Biscuit, one of the gang of geese here at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. I used to live at the bottom of my previous owner’s garden, but when he moved house, I wasn’t able to come with him.

Now, one of the first things people notice about me is my limp. Nothing to worry about, I assure you. Just a touch of arthritis. (It comes to us all.) But whilst I may not be the quickest goose here, I certainly am the quirkiest.

Whilst the rest of the geese head to the pond for the evening, I prefer the comfort of my very own coop. So each evening, my feathered friends swing by my pad to drop me off. And guess what? The following morning they pick me up again, ready for another day of adventure.